Update on Ninja Narwhal Coffee Company Products

Update on Ninja Narwhal Coffee Company Products

January 23, 2016

So...in case you didn't catch it on our FB post, our No Drip Sip Catch-ee cup with a built in ninja to catch drips didn't 'quite' make it on Kickstarter. We still believe the product idea has merit (and who wouldn't want their own personal ninja drip assassin!), but we need a stronger demand to make the ninja-leap to make the magic happen! However, never fear...for we do see this idea emerging from the shadows in 2016 to make a Narwhal splash!

On our other merchandise, we are trying to nail down our first t-shirt design to offer up to the coffee faithful. Keep a watchful eye out as we are actively working design options and will have a shirt that is NOTHING SHORT OF AMAZING soon!

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