Celebrate the Legendary Roasters!

Celebrate the Legendary Roasters!

July 23, 2017

It takes a special kind of artisan to gain the favor and protection of a band of 3,000 pound shapeshifting whale ninjas. That's why The Order and our NNCC guild is honored by the relationship we have with our roaster arsenal of Copper Canyon Coffee Roasters and Intent Coffee Roasting.

Not all who wield the mighty roast machine could deliver a coffee the likes of what is expected by The Order... or in such a specific stealth offering such as "Brazilian Sneak Attack" or the wake me up recipe of a "Twillight Melee".

So when you visit our ninja store, know that we and The Order know precisely where the fresh roasted beans are coming from and stand behind all of the offerings with our life! (er... or at least with a guarantee of flavorful, premium ninja-awesomeness)


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