Kickstarter Campaign UN-failure!

Kickstarter Campaign UN-failure!

April 19, 2017

For those who were following it, our recent Kickstarter campaign where we were selling coffee packages and NNCC merchandise to garner sales to finish our Origin Story animation and obtain a sweet new coffee transport (aka. covered trailer) plastered with NNCC and partner graphics did not get to our funding goal.

While Kickstarter deems campaigns which don't hit their goals as "Unsuccessful", we flatly REJECT that label! Why you ask?

First, because it facilitated the opportunity to connect with two fantastic companies who we look forward to having a long, successful relationship with. Twelveone Group, an amazing event management company with fantastic staff who we have already attended races with. Endurance Company, an elite group of running/biking racers and coaches who were lauded by 'The Order' a year ago when we were lucky enough to meet them at a triathlon where they were turning in top results.

Second, because we got the chance to engage with established businesses like Bigfish Screenprinting and get first hand advice which we can use to improve. (not to mention a sweet new option for top notch product designs!) Our efforts to solicit partners also cemented our invite to the Molly's Miles 5K where we got to serve up fresh hot coffee in support of a great cause and develop our exclusive coffee club for the same legendary audience!

Third, because 'failure' drives change thru introspection and taking responsibility as a business to find ways to provide value to your customers and your partners. We found out who was interested in what we we're doing... and who wasn't. Errors in our approach became obvious, which we now have the ability to course correct on thanks to the convenient platform that allowed us to use it to gauge interest in a low risk way.

So...shed no ninja-tears! Take heart that we will continue the coffee-fight and learn the lessons necessary to better our ability to execute the will of 'The Order' and bring the best coffee in the universe to the masses!


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