Memorial Day Weekend - Get Perspective

Memorial Day Weekend - Get Perspective

May 27, 2017


At mile 4 on the Wilson's Creek National Battlefield trail road starts the ~ 1/4 mile climb up "Bloody Hill". Every time I hit that spot (already thoroughly taxed from 4 miles of waddling) I'm full of dread knowing it's going to be the most difficult spot to keep running.

But rewind, back to the American Civil War... where this hill earned its name. Think back to those climbing that hill with a different kind of dread; the kind of someone carrying a single shot rifle amidst cannon fire, surrounding enemy forces and a high probability of death now... or later.

Very relevant thought to all those out at the park on this Memorial Day weekend and enjoying it as we have as a perfect place to put in some miles, have a picnic or generally enjoy the outdoors. Remember those who were there before us, fighting our battles, fighting for what they believed in... and many ultimately paying with their lives to preserve this great nation.

Grab a coffee...and take a moment for PERSPECTIVE.

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