Message from a Member of the NNCC Guild!

Message from a Member of the NNCC Guild!

October 23, 2017

Message from one of our Guild Members... GOOD LUCK!

As you know (since FB announces it), it is my birthday today.

My specific age is no specific milestone, but I will say a definite moment of reflection all things considered.

I remember back in high school; taking like 6 classes, playing multiple sports… oh, I have a cracked wrist with a cast, guess I can use it to help cross face my friends when we get in wrestling matches. Oh, my vision is blurry after hitting heads with that guy on the kickoff team… oh well; we’re pretty far ahead anyway. Oh, I dislocated my foot…glad it’s in a cast so I can still dance at the senior prom!

Then in college, the trend continued… riding BMX bikes across middle of town in Albuquerque at midnight as a ‘cool’ way to get back and forth to work. ‘Trying out’ boxing and getting punched in the head so much that I had to ask my professor for an extension on the test because I couldn’t recognize my schoolbook. Trying to jump my bike out of the back of my pickup truck, taking a face plant on the cement only to get like 26 forehead stitches and 3 sutures… and then “hey let’s go out a drink” a couple days later. Needless to say… one concussion to many!

But somewhere along the line, something changed. A switch flipped and suddenly here I am… a GIANT FREAKIN PANSY.

Oh I’m too tired to stay up late… oh, my calf pulled when I was making fun of Dancing With the Stars… oh, I can’t wait to get home after work so I can…SIT DOWN AND PERPETUATE MY WUSSYNESS!!

Well while I’m not promising that I won’t continue to have emotional spikes while drinking coffee and watching LOTR, I WILL promise you THIS!...

Before I turn another year old, I’m going to do some super-NOT-pansy thing. Something that captures the gusto of old and casts away the forty-something wave of COMPLETE WIMP that I have succumbed to.

How so you ask?

Today… I have just registered for the March 2018 Badwater Cape Fear. This is a running event which offers either a 32 mile or a 51.4 mile distance.

Well…which did I chose you ask? I chose the 51.4 mile.

Either distance is an ultra-marathon…and either distance an absolutely respectable and commendable accomplishment for those who finish. So… WHY you ask would someone with a current BMI of 34.7 (obese AF is the official medical reference) choose the longer distance? Why would someone who has NEVER run an official race of ANY distance choose a real deal ultra as their first attempt?

Borrowing a parallel from Good Will Hunting… because 'Fu!K' 51.4 miles, that’s why.

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