Secret Ninja Mission: Anthrocon 2017!

Secret Ninja Mission: Anthrocon 2017!

July 08, 2017

Attended our first Anthrocon in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (home of one of the best National Football League teams ever).

One might think... Why would a band full of coffee NINJAS attend such an event? Our answer would be this...

1 - Not only are Ninja Narwhals a secret society of ninja coffee assassins sworn to find and protect the best COFFEE in the universe... but they are also shapeshifting whale ninjas who take many forms! What better place to learn more about the art of disguise... and fit in...nay... BLEND in...

2 - Perhaps...potentially... one of our NNCC artists is a big time Furry fandom fan who hand crafts her own disguise! Or maybe she isn't... maybe this is all just a diversion!

3 - This event provided non-stop super family friendly fun and entertainment! As one wise NNCC ninja put it, "At Walt Disney World and other awesome parks like it... people wait in lines and purchase tickets just to get a chance to interact with some of the characters. At this event, the characters are EVERYWHERE, ACCESSIBLE, INTERACTIVE and SUPER FRIENDLY!

4 - We are always on the lookout for another passionate crowd of people (er... or non-people) who we can connect with who would appreciate what we do... as ONE OF this community, we owe them more attention!

So beware... be on guard Anthrocon, Furry fandom and other bands of creative superbrains who LOVE AMAZING COFFEE provided by the creative genius of Copper Canyon Coffee Roasters and Intent Coffee Roasting... we're coming for you! ('cool music trailer here')

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