So...What is it that we do you ask?

So...What is it that we do you ask?

September 10, 2016

Sometimes when we're out at an event serving fresh hot coffee to event goers, someone asks us what we do. Are you guys coffee roasters? = no. Do you guys have a cafe? = no. So what the heck do you guys do you ask? Well, it's kind of a long story but here goes!

First, we start by partnering with only the best small batch coffee roasters in the universe. This means roasters with great reviews, great service, great websites, great character, world class coffee selections and a number of other attributes which are currently classified by 'The Legendary Order of the Ninja Narwhal' whom perform the roaster recon and ultimately decide upon the roasters to seek out for our coffee arsenal. After the decree by 'The Order', it's on to us (the coffee foot soldiers of 'The Order') to form the partnership with the selected roaster at all costs! That means calling them...e-mailing...begging...and even pleading...until we win over the confidence of the best roasters in the universe! We stop at nothing... as 'The Order's will must be fulfilled!

Next, we add the ninja-mazing coffee from the roasters to our coffee finder in a way that helps coffee lovers specify the attributes of the coffee they are looking for that is perfectly suited to their tastes and then purchase it directly from the roaster. We call it = Finding Your Coffee Unicorn!

Lastly, in a ninja-like stealthy attempt at coffee infiltration... we bring the amazing brews from our roaster partners to awesome in person events where we get a chance to both evangelize coffee lovers over to the way of 'The Order' and give back to great causes in the form of participant enjoyment and/or giving a percent of sales to the event cause.

Why running race events? Well because our founders are passionate about running and it is well acknowledged that coffee can be a great running partner! Also, many/most road races have a great social cause which falls in line with our model of being a social entrepreneurship.

Will we ever have a cafe? You can bet on it! A place to come and enjoy any one of the fine brews from one of the roasters under 'The Order's protection...socialize, fellowship, discuss politics... and just generally live the coffee dream! Our eye is always on that is 'The Order's...

Once we have a cafe, will we continue to attend race events to serve coffee? Psh... heck freakin' yes! We have an amazing in with a fantastic community of amazing athletes with passion that is second to none...we wouldn't dare stray from this fantastic group!

So in summary... what do we do? We partner with select small batch roasters approved by 'The Order' to list their coffees online in a single spot in a way that helps coffee lovers find and buy their unique, hard to find, perfect roast! Then we attend race events to further our coffee reach, get people acquainted with us and the roasters we partner with all while giving back in some way to great social causes.

Long story end... hope that clears it up... now go get some coffee to recover from all this rambling!

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